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Our shop consists of over 20 rooms filled with astounding decor and furniture

All rooms are well put together to inspire you and help you visualise

Our beautiful furniture wall decor, accessories and lighting is conveniently kept on hand and is ready-made for you to purchase and take home with you instantly

Furniture can be made on special order

We have an extensive range of rugs, lights, accessories and all things for your decor project

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Best Sellers

Although we have so much more to offer in-store, please see our best sellers below:

3 & 2.5-Seater  

Full leather (exotic)

Rated as our most-comfortable range!
3-seater (1710mm inside arms): 950 x 2190 x 1110mm
2.5-seater (1500mm inside arms): 950 x 2010 x 1110mm
Single Chair also available

4-Piece (6-Seater) Corner Suite

Full Leather (exotic)

This Corner suite can be customised to fit your required space. No-arm chairs can be added to create more seating.
From Left to Corner: 950 x 3250 x 1010mm
From Right to Corner: 950 x 4010 x 1010mm
No-arm chair: 950 x 760 x 1010mm

6, 8 or 10-seater Crossleg  Solid Dining tables

available in dark or light wood

6 Seater: 1.8 x 1 m
8 Seater: 2.4 x 1.2 m
10 Seater: 2.7 x 1.2 m

3 ,2,1 Set Full leather

available in all shades of leather

These sofa's have studded arm rests to encpativate the beauty of it.
This can be ordered in 3,2,1 sets.
Dimensions (HxWxD):
3-seater (1710mm inside arms): 950 x 2370 x 970mm 
2-seater (1500mm inside arms): 950 x 2170 x 970mm
Single chair: 950 x 1320 x 970mm