How to Style a Bedroom

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Kraaines Interior & Garden Centre owner Cherice Torlage shares her top tips for creating a stylish and relaxing bedroom.

Decide on a theme

Create the perfect look by considering the space you are decorating. Choose a style and stick to it by going for pieces that match the overall theme.

Select your bed

Your bed and headboard are the focal point in any bedroom. Make sure you select pieces that are the best quality within your given budget.

Go neutral

Choosing a colour palette for the bedroom is a matter of personal preference, but it’s always a good idea to go for a neutral colour scheme to create a calm and relaxing space. Fresh flowers are another great way to add small pops of colour and a soft, feminine-touch feel.

Storage matters

Keep clutter under control by incorporating stylish storage units into your bedroom. This could be a selection of rustic storage baskets next to your dresser or an antique wooden kist at the end of your bed.

The right rug

Rugs are a great décor item to incorporate into your bedroom as they add a cosy and comforting feel to the space. There is no better feeling than sinking your feet into a plush wool rug as you get out of bed in the morning. Wool rugs work well in both high and low traffic areas and can be easily cleaned.

A room with a view

There is an endless variety of window treatments available to ensure privacy in your bedroom while receiving an ample amount of natural light. Shutters are both stylish and durable, and they provide a high level of protection, while curtains are soft, sumptuous and can create the illusion of space when hung high above the window frame. Remember to layer your window treatments to create a functional and chic look.

Light it up

Love to read? Ensure you have sufficient bedside lighting. You can free up precious space on your bedside table by using pendants as bedside lighting – a simple pendant looks great, but larger rooms can accommodate a cluster of cascading pendants for a striking, contemporary look.